I’m back!

11 de February de 2017

My darlings! I’m back!

After taking a year off from the blog I’m back with a lot of good new plans and pretty outfits for you all!

Firts of all, as you’ve already noticed, I’m not writing in portuguese anymore. This time I’m planning to take my blog a little more serious and when I mean serious I mean professional and international.

The other news is that I’m not writing about motherhood any longer. Here I’ll be writing and posting about style and a bit of my lifestyle. If you feel like knowing more about my lifestyle, decor and family feel free to go and have a look at my Instagram profile and of course, you’re always very welcome to follow me there.

I’ve been “studying” a lot about blogs and social influencers and even talking with some bloggers about it and now I’m feeling quite prepared to restart this new part of my life.

Before I had an incredible hobby that made me understand a lot of how to “survive in this social world”. I’ve made amazing friends and experience during that time… and I’m ready to get some more!

For those who are wondering whether I’ll delete my old posts, I won’t! I deleted only the old outfits because well, they were old outfits and to be honest the quality wasn’t the best you can find… haha

I hope you’ll enjoy the new Nathalia Stenbo blog as well as I will!

It’ll be an enormous pleasure to post some beautiful outfits for you… Get you inspired!

So, let’s get started!

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