My very own Sunday outfit

26 de February de 2017

After a loooong, busy and CRAZY week I’m so ready to feel good again with this cute and stylish outfit that I picked up for this Sunday.

I’m entering in this phase that every look I plan in my head I only see red and black! Haha

I don’t really know why this phase started but I have a guess it’s because I’m getting so tired of this long and cold winter that I end up trying to mix up some warm colors to see if the spring appears a little faster. ? ?

I’m not sure if it works… well, at least I’m trying! Haha

A black and gold Chanel bag just because everything looks great with it!

This cute blouse has some flounce details that I so much love ❤️ and it’s a trend that’s everywhere right now. For me it’s a must in my outfits to look cute and stylish at the same time.

I hope you like it!

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