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Embroidered blouse

21 de March de 2017

Hey there!

Do you want to wear more “trendy” looks this year? Go for the embroidered outfits. It can be in your blouse/shirt as this one I’m wearing, it can be in your pants, it can be in your shoes or it can be in your bag/purse.

Embroidered looks are all over the place and it’s not hard to find a good deal for it. For example in Zara they’re having a whole topic in their website/app based only with embroidered and floral looks.

In my case I’m wearing an embroidered blouse with my beloved black leather pants and boots just because it was a typical danish grey and cold day and I wanted to balance the “happy go luck” detail in my blouse with a bit more dramatic look in my leather pants. Well, it worked! Haha

I don’t know about you but I find very difficult to match a LV bag with a look with colors. Perhaps this “problem” was solved after this look. I think the bag went perfectly well with the overall outfit.

Well, I hope you got inspired! ?

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