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Time to bake some PANCAKES

4 de June de 2017

Hey everybody!

I don’t know if you noticed but I’ve added some new categories on the blog. Other than STYLE a category called LIFESTYLE has been added – by some adorable requests from some followers asked me for more family/lifestyle time in here.

Well, then I thought… Why not?! Actually, I looooved the idea of sharing some moments of my life with you here. 😊

Soooo, let’s get started!

Nothing better than a “baking time with the kids” to start this new topic.

It’s a Saturday afternoon and we’re having this idea of making something yummy to eat for our snack time.

Olivia was the one who came with the idea after playing a puzzle game about pancakes. Actually, she always comes with ideas of baking cakes! Haha

Why not, I said!

This pancake recipe is Kim’s and to be honest he’s the one who always do the pancakes at home (until this time!) – it’s a special type of pancake – it’s the danish style. It’s flat and looks more like a French crepe.

So… It’s my first time baking Kim’s pancakes and I’m a bit nervous. Not only because it’s my first time but because I’m having this amazing idea 🙄 of documenting and posting on my blog! 🙈 Haha

Well, let’s see how it went…

First of all, Olivia made me feel more relaxed by being so excited about it. For her I was doing so great! Haha

I started telling her that we had a lot of time and we didn’t need to rush. Just taking it easy…

…until Theo arrived! 🙈

He wanted to be a part of it, of course, and he was allowed to. After washing our hands we started with the flour and Olivia was the one who poured in the bowl.

And then the eggs… Maybe I should have let Theo help in this part but I was too scared that it’d have more egg shells than eggs in our pancakes. 😅

But he was looking so attentive that I didn’t even complain. Actually he was not interested in playing with the egg shells in the sink than help us with the dough.

Olivia thought breaking the eggs was enormously funny in the meanwhile I was crossing my fingers that the shells wouldn’t come inside. 🤞🏼

Eggs done (without shells) and now it’s time to pour the sugar! Both Theo and Olivia help me with that. I only said one spoon for each and then I poured the rest (one more). Then is was time to pour the milk! This part I had to explain them that we had to pour a little milk at time while we were mixing the dough with a mixer. Theo didn’t understand that well that part but he’s a bit impatient – just like his daddy… 🤦🏻‍♀️Haha

After pouring out the milk it was time to add a little of salt and powder vanilla. Olivia did that part so well. She’s such a big girl! ❤

We mixed and mixed and both had the chance to help me with that. While I was holding the mixer the whole time. We got a little dough on us but to be honest I though it would be a lot worse. Haha

When we had to finally roast them I let Kim show us how we’re supposed to do. It isn’t that easy for a learner level very moderate.

He showed us how to do it a few times and then it was my turn. 😅

Well, I confess that I burned a little bit the two first pancakes… as I said, that’s a special way to do it. You have to be veeeery fast on spreading the dough around the pan otherwise you’d get “holes” in the pancakes and until you get it right your pancake gets all black underneath. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Haha

Anyway… after a few times I got really good at it that even Olivia started to give me compliments.👌🏼

Time to eat!! We put some syrups and jams and curd on the table and we ate all the pancakes we could. Yummy! They were DELICIOUS 😋!

I know my blog isn’t about food or recipes but I’m going to put our pancake ingredients on here, just for the curious and for the sweet tooths. 😋


250 grams flour

3 eggs

1/2 teaspoon salt

3 tablespoons sugar

3 dl milk

2 tablespoons butter or olie

1 teaspoon vanilla

Butter to roast the pancakes 🥞

The most important ingredient, LOVE ❤️


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