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Flared and flowered

11 de June de 2017

Hello darlings!

Who’s ready for a mustard look full of trendiness and style?

Well, I am! My today’s outfit is totally inspired by this new trend that came after 40 years. I’m talking about the flared trousers that appeared after a looooong journey with skinny pants/jeans that I still love but I gotta confess… I was getting tired of it.

For me that have wide hips 🙋🏻 is just amazing to have something to disfarce mine too expand “curve” with something trendy and beautiful.

I just love this trouser of mine! I love the height of it, I love the color and the flowered detail on it.

I choose a long back mustard sleeveless blouse to go with the trouser. It matched perfectly with the small yellow flowers on it.

When I was creating the outfit I thought about wearing a yellow/”beigesh” heels to go with it but than I thought it was too much of matching the colors and too much information… Naaaah, a pair of black loafers fits perfectly with the look. – Maybe I was too lazy to wear heels, frankly. 💁🏻Haha

And of course, a black and gold Chanel just because…

A super pretty Sunday outfit for your inspiration.

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