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2 de July de 2017

Happy Sunday, everyone!

You know those days when you wake up feeling swollen like a ballon and you know your monthly red alarm light 🚨 is going to light up very soon? Hm… I just hate the feeling! Well, in a day like that what you really wanna do is stay at home watching tv shows and eating chocolate the whole day right? But what if you can’t… 🙄 You have to attend to your mother-in-law’s birthday brunch… it’s a must go!

Well, there’s actually a solution to this dilema! 🙋🏻 No, it’s not calling her up saying that you’re ill… This is what you can do – You can go wearing something very trendy, pretty and comfy. 😃 Perfect! Ah, you can still say to her that you’re not going to stay long because you’re not feeling ok. She’ll understand and more, she’ll be very happy that you went to her brunch and even feel special that you thought about wearing a cute outfit to see her despites of your condition. Haha

My chosen #ootd (literally) is a very comfy and loose look that really helps to disguise yout swollen belly and it still makes you look trendy and cute. 😏

A simple but not too simple “white-creamish”top with a cullote trousers goes perfect together with my so beloved snake boots.

It’s the second time I’m wearing a bag with a fur-ball keychain on it… I’m still figuring out how and where to hang it but I’m getting there, and I think it looks amazing with my black jumbo Chanel… and it’s not the last time you’re gonna see that keychain in here! Haha (Just saying!)

Anyway, it’s definitely a look to think about in a red light day! 🙈

I hope you like the outfit as I do!

Top • H&M | Cullotes • Zara | Boots • Steer Daisy | Sunglasses • Asos | Bag • Chanel

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