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Soft Pastel

10 de July de 2017

Hello my darlings!

Today I bring a look that make part of my last Sunday, which by the way WHAT A SUNDAY!

For those who follows me on Instagram knows. I’ve explained everything in my instastories.

It’s a long story but the short version of it is that Theo ran away, we found him at the supermarket eating strawberries with the staffs; we forgot all about an appointment with Kim’s friend that is actually his ex but we made it; Kim lost his wallet, we found it; and then a very nice birthday reunion of a friend of mine at this amazing park in Copenhagen. 😅 Long and intense day that turned out to be a great day.

Nothing better than a look based on pastels colors to tranquillize my turbulent day.

I chose to wear a pastel grayish blue jeans to go with my oversized watch and my new fringed necklace carrying the same type of blue. Perfect for someone who is quite happy on matching colors together.🙋🏻

Talking about matching colors I can’t forget about the rose pink of the heels and the clutch going so well with the overall of the outfit.

A super cute and trendy outfit! 😍

I hope you like it!

Blouse • Zara | Jeans and clutch  • H&M | Necklace • Mango | Heels • Even & Odd | Watch • Bought in a vintage store

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