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Casual chic a la socks

29 de November de 2017

Hello, my loves!

Today I bring a super cute casual chic outfit for you from an Instagram look that I’ve shared few days ago.

People usually think that I spend a lot of money on my looks, mostly because they look so elegant and stylish but actually, I’m the kind of person who’s very into spending less looking fabulous.

I have few “investments” on my closet but what I love most is to prove that you don’t need to spend a fortune to look gorgeous and classy. And today I bring a physical proof of that!

I think I’ve never been so in love with trends than now. I just absolutely love EVERYTHING about this year’s trends! Specially the socks with sandals trend.

I confess that when I saw it first I thought it was “different”, maybe too different… but then I realized that what I really needed was to look one more time to them to change that. And everything got real serious when I bought my first pair.

OMG! I was in love…

So in love that now I feel like wearing a new pair EVERY SINGLE TIME I’m showing my shins (with ankle boots) or wearing sandals.

I know, I’m so obsessed! – Can’t help myself…

Anyway… On this look I’m wearing my black nylon pair of ankle socks with my black slingback sandals, which by the way is going perfectly well with my sequin midi skirt that got me from its floral embroidered details.

You guys know about my passion for mixing styles, right? So, my main goal of this outfit was to match this super elegant skirt with a simple white sweater in order to create a casual chic style that can easily be worn both during the day and at the night.

To give a simple UP on the top of the outfit, I picked a neutral black necklace, mostly to balance with the “so detailed” bottom.

Talking about matching, nothing better than a red and golden mini-bag to go with the red floral details on the skirt.

Well, and my mixing worked! It worked very well.

I couldn’t be more satisfied with the overall of the result.

I hope you guys are as excited as me on this one! lol

Photos amazingly taken by the photographer Alex Franklin

Sweater • H&M | Skirt • Zara | Sandals • Aldo |  Bag • Mango | Sunglasses • Asos | Socks • Aldo

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